Upendra Mahato Dr. Upendra Mahato is currently the Chairman of the NRN International Coordination Committee. He is also the President of Russia - Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is the first Nepali to get Doctor of Science in the technical field. He got his Ph. D and D.SC. from International Academy of Information Technology, Minsk, Belarus. He has more than 15 years of multinational experience in business and has more than 20 years of result oriented social work experiences.

After his Graduation, he has established himself as a very successful businessman operating in the countries belonging to former Soviet Union. He is presently the CEO of International Business in CIS countries and from 1997 till date he is the Honorary Royal Consul General of the Kingdom of Nepal in the Republic of Belarus.

His present business activities in Nepal include medicine, education, mass media and hydropower while Oil products, TV production, road construction equipment production, medicine, banking and real estate abroad.